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Home Wi-Fi
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Home Wi-Fi

ubiquiti access point

Having Problems with your Home Wi-Fi?

In today's modern world with increased home working having multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi can cause problems including wireless black spots, slow speeds or the signal dropping out when you most need it.

There are many issues preventing your Wi-Fi signal reaching your device with acceptable speeds and throughput. Often plug in extenders are the cause of most Wi-Fi issues although the position of the router and thickness of walls can also prevent the wireless signal from reaching all areas of the home. 

Please contact us for a free survey.

What is the solution for stable Wi-Fi?

DX Tech are specialists in home Wi-Fi fault finding and installation of the latest

Wi-Fi equipment to suit all requirements and budgets. 

We will carry out a survey on your property to establish the incoming internet speed and then if required, design a new system to suit your needs.  A smart access point or multi access points can provide a reliable safe Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices including those located away from the main dwelling, such as in garden rooms. The latest Wi-Fi6 technology can handle up to 256 devices connected at one time.  

In addition, we can configure systems to allow multiple logins for family and guests with internet speed limits or prevent access to websites such as social media for example. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi
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Outdoor Wi-Fi

The benefits of outdoor Wi-Fi 

Spending time in the garden? Having trouble streaming or downloading material to your device or simply working outdoors on a laptop?  Create an indoor/ outdoor network with no loss of signal or speed. The Wi-Fi can also be used to connect Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras if they are having issues with connection.

We are able to supply and install outdoor rated Wi-Fi systems to allow full coverage of your garden or outdoor area with no loss of internet speed. The access point can be installed discretely and is fully waterproof to IP55 standards.

Work or relax outdoors using a safe and secure Wi-Fi system, add a guest Wi-Fi network to allow guests to use your Wi-Fi without accessing your data. 

How it works

We install an outdoor rated CAT6 cable from your router to the access point in the garden to provide a fast secure and stable signal. ​

We carry out discrete installations, leaving just the small access point visible on the wall.  This can be placed in a position of your choice as discretely as possible. Sit back and relax!

Business Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi

What we can offer

DX Tech can design and install a Wi-Fi system to suit your requirements now and in the future for offices and industrial areas, including outdoors over a wide area. 

There is no need for unproductive worktime due to Wi-Fi issues or poor connectivity.

We can provide Wi-Fi for cloud-based storage systems, ensure there is enough bandwidth for VoIP services while working at home or in the office.


If point of entry card readers are proving difficult to operate due to poor Wi-Fi signal, let us provide a solution.

We can offer uninterruptible power supplies to keep your systems running in a power failure to keep your business running.

Our system allows you to be able to move through the premises with no black out areas or loss of signal whether indoors or outdoors

Manage your download limits and the ability to prevent access to social media accounts or websites of your choice.

Latest enterprise Equipment

We use the latest equipment which we can remotely monitor for throughput and provide you real time Wi-Fi data and remotely carry out software updates when required. We have no access to your data.

Garden Wi-Fi
A wide view shot of a modern garden office on a bright summers day, a clear sky is above t

Garden Room Wi-Fi

Work and play in comfort

With ever growing popularity in garden rooms being used for home offices, there is no reason not to have a superfast stable Wi-Fi with no lag or buffering.  Connect to printers in the home or watch your sky/virgin tv service in the outdoor room. We can also hard wire Smart TV's, Gaming systems, Peloton to avoid lag.

We are able to supply a hard wired armoured Ethernet cable up 100m from your router to your garden room or 1000m plus using a wireless point to point link.  An access point shall provide Wi-Fi to your garden room and to the garden area for up to 250 devices if required. 

We have installed in various outdoor garden offices, gazebos, gyms, workshops with smart tech all connected. 

Point to Point Wi-Fi

Point to Point Wi-Fi

Point to Point Link

What is a Point to Point Link?

A Point-to-Point wireless link can be used to send internet signal over a distance with no loss in throughput speed. This avoids costly work installing cables between buildings and avoiding disturbance.  The signal can be sent over a few metres up to kilometres between buildings or multi buildings, have a CCTV IP camera in a position when no internet is available, or cabling routes are unfeasible.

Typical examples of the system in use

The list of examples is limitless but here are a few examples:

  • Multi point system linking several Holiday lodges or Caravans

  • Temporary installations to avoid disturbance

  • House to outbuildings or garden office

  • Linking of farm to farm over distance.

  • CCTV

  • Connect a 4G antenna to position where signal is unavailable

Please feel to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cafe and Restaurant Wi-Fi

Cafe and Restaurant Wi-Fi

Keep your customers happy and ensure repeat business!

A free Wi-Fi service is a great asset to any Hospitality business. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi will keep your customers happy and make them want to come back time and time again! Ensure your point of entry card reader always has a fast connection.

The solution

We can supply and install a Wi-Fi system to suit your property to prevent any buffering or slow speeds. We can configure the system to allow separate staff and guest networks.  We can throttle the throughput on the guest network to allow an acceptable speed for every guest. The staff network can be used at full speed if required.  The system can also block websites of your choice.

As with all our systems we can remotely manage and update your system to the latest firmware update if you require.

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