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Event Wi-Fi Solutions

Event WiFi Solutions

Our event Wi-Fi services can be tailored to your requirements, from a basic system for card machines to a fully managed stand alone solution to suit your requirements. We have carried out reliable installs for large and small events including Wi-Fi, live streaming, card machines, VoIP, and virtual events. 

Event WiFi Solutions 

Latest Technology

We can utilise existing infrastructure or provide connectivity using the 4G/5G networks and or satellite services where no infrastructure is available. The Starlink service has become a game changer

allowing fast connectivity no matter how remote your event location or if the event location

limited bandwidth available.  

Our access points allow a fast stable connection from a card machine to a large venue.



Starlink being used to provide connectivity to a large event.


Fast reliable WiFi is essential to allow card machines at event trade stands, bars, or entrance areas to be operated without any delay or lack of signal. We can configure the network to allow priority traffic to card machines to prevent any failure of payments, ensuring speed and security, essential at cashless events.


Card machine at event using site WiFi

We can provide custom landing pages or captive portals to allow guests to sign in to the network. The portal can have the event brand or company logo can be used as the first webpage that opens once the sign in and authentication has been carried out.

The amount of bandwidth and time online can be adjusted to suit the event. Guest Wi-Fi may also be charged using the portal if event management should require to monetise the event.

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