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Smart Intruder Alarms

Protect your property using smart technology

AJAX is one of the leading manufacturer of alarm systems in the world, the most awarded alarm system in Europe and in use in over 130+ countries. We are trained AJAX certified installers.

The ability to deter intruders, recognise fire and smoke, flooding, control appliances and monitor security cameras all by the App. A keypad or key fob with built in panic button can also be used for arming and disarming the system.

If the alarm is triggered it will send alerts by text, email and a loud siren on your smartphone. 

AJAX systems alarm  Smart Alarm system

We fit wireless smart alarm systems into home and commercial properties, rural businesses such a farms and holiday lets. The keypad may be programmed with individual codes for each user if required. 12 volt systems are available for boats, caravans or sites with no mains power.


A range of internal door sensors, pet friendly dectectors, fire and smoke detectors are available, including external motion detectors. Both indoor and external detectors can be fitted with cameras if required for monitoring and when armed they can send photos of the area, the camera activates only in response to motion alarms without compromising your privacy. The loud indoor and outdoor sirens attract attention in the event of a alert. 

The battery life on the wireless system is between 5-7 years with battery life showing on the app! 

AJAX systems motion app  live alerts to your device or smartphone

Use the AJAX app to stay in touch with your property from anywhere in the world!

•Arm/disarm the system

•Get instant notifications

•Use to control smart devices and automation such as lights

or gates/ roller doors.

•Get detailed device status

•Test devices

•Create scenarios

•Built in Panic button

•Watch security cameras

•Keep account protected with 2FA

AJAX alarm system DX Tech
AJAX Authorised Installer
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