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The advantages of a Network system

Setting up a network designed for the future can benefit your home or business. Using enterprise grade equipment, we can offer the following services.

A hard-wired Local Area Network (LAN) can be used for a single data point to multiple data points throughout your property, add Wi-Fi internal and external access points and incorporate IP security cameras.

We install CAT6 Ethernet cabling for fast secure speeds with no lag and fully secure for speeds up to 1Gb/s. We can also use CAT6a and CAT7 or fibre for greater throughput up to 40Gb/s if required. Your system will be prepared for the future.

A network is good for smart tv's, hard wiring sky boxes to avoid any lag and connect your PlayStation or Xbox to get fast speeds when gaming online.

The advantages of a Network system

We can install an upgraded home router up to an enterprise grade router and network switch capable of a multi VLAN network, we can incorporate uninterruptible power supplies to keep the system working and save any data should there be a power failure.

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a small server that can be connected to your home or business network to create your very own media centre, incorporating cloud file storage, or storage of CCTV.  We can install everything in a smart network cabinet with cables hidden from view. 

Multi Wi-Fi access points and hard-wired data points can be installed throughout your property to ensure there is no black spots or loss of Wi-Fi signal when walking through larger properties or to the outdoors.

Remote Management

All of our systems can be managed remotely, we can carry out updates when required, make any adjustments and monitor for any issues that may arise. We have no access to your data for security reasons.

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