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Starlink Installation

Disclaimer: DX Tech are independent specialists providing professional satellite communication equipment installation services and are in no way affiliated with or acting on behalf of Starlink (™). 

Starlink Installation: your high speed internet from space!

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite constellation being constructed by SpaceX, led by

visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk. It is designed to provide high-speed,

low-latency internet access to communities across the globe, even in

remote and underserved areas.

By creating a network of thousands of small, low Earth orbit (LEO)

satellites, Starlink aims to bridge the digital divide and bring reliable

connectivity to every corner of the world.  A real game changer for any

home or business with fast installation.


How Does Starlink Work?


The Starlink network revolves around a constellation of satellites orbiting approximately 550 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. These satellites operate in a

coordinated manner, forming a mesh network that enables seamless

communication between them and the ground-based user terminals.


Starlink user terminals, also known as "Dishes," are compact,

user-friendly devices that receive signals from the satellites and

provide internet connectivity to homes, offices, and other locations.

These terminals use advanced phased-array antennas, allowing

them to constantly track and communicate with multiple satellites

in the network. The dynamic nature of the satellite network,

combined with intelligent beamforming technology, ensures reliable and uninterrupted internet access.


What can it be used for?


Starlink can be used almost anywhere in the UK providing there is a

clear line of sight and a power supply. We can provide a bespoke

solar battery power system if mains power is not available at your



We often see internet speeds of 250 Mbps+. High performance, Starlink marine and Starlink business systems are also available.


The Starlink system can be used for the internet connectivity including

  • Streaming video

  • Online gaming

  • VoIP telephone systems

  • Live streaming

  • Emails

Starlink requires a clear line of site to the sky with no obstructions

blocking the sky such as trees or buildings. Should this be a problem

we are able to offset the dish to a suitable location to enable

connectivity from a hard-wired cable or wireless point to point link (PtP) or multipoint Link (PtmP). 


Starlink is ideal for rural properties, farms, holiday lets, lodges or caravan

sites. Work at home from anywhere in the UK using Starlink without

buffering and fast internet. 


We can add Wi-Fi access points to your property or incorporate Starlink

into existing network systems. We specialise in wall to wall Wi-Fi with no

dead spots or poor speeds.

We can install Starlink equipment in almost any property or outdoor location, please contact us for more information. 

We carry out a full site survey before finding the optimum position for Starlink.  We only use hot dipped galvanised mounting brackets and masts for your installation or Genuine Starlink mounting accessories should you prefer. We can supply and fit a range of internal and external low profile

conduit to avoid unsightly cables on your property.

To find out more information or to order Starlink from the official website

please click here or use

To purchase Starlink from John Lewis please click here.

To purchase Starlink from B&Q please click here.

Speed test of Starlink Installation, fully installed by DX Tech
Starlink installation by DX Tech
Starlink installed by DX Tech
Starlink Business Installation for fast connectivity
Starlink mounted with Starlink bracket with no cables on show
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