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4G 5G 

Mikrotik LHGG

Having poor internet speeds or no fixed internet available?

Home or Business internet speeds effecting the ability to operate? 

We can supply and install a 4G or 5G system capable of providing

a fast internet speed often when a mobile phone signal cannot

be achieved or very poor signal quality with poor download


We can also provide an internet service where no fixed

connection is available or for short term solutions.

How it works

We carry out a desk feasibility study to establish local antennas in your area and if you are in a location that suits. A speed test is then carried out on your property to establish the equipment required; typical speeds can then be established.

A suitable gain antenna is installed on your property with a data sim card of your choice or network available, an indoor router or access point allows Wi-Fi to your property.


We can supply a unlimited Data sim should you require it. 

The equipment can be installed in any home, work or leisure environment. 

We also offer a Dual WAN network system for increased capacity or for failover


The system is good for working at home from your lodge or Caravan Park

We often install this system in temporary offices or events

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

Telecommunications tower with 4g, 5g transmitters
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