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Specialising in WiFi connectivity, network services, Starlink internet installation, Smart rural technology, streaming services,4G and 5G fast Internet, AJAX systems, CCTV.  DX Tech is based near Edinburgh, covering the central belt of Scotland and can provide services UK wide. 

Get connected and make it happen!

DX Tech can provide the latest technology giving you piece of mind and connectivity when you need it most.

Our services range from installing new home routers up to complete managed network installs and everything in between.

A Starlink installation can provide fast connectivity when slow speeds are affecting your home or business WiFi. 

We can also provide all of our equipment powered by solar/ battery if no mains power is available or for temporary services.

Please contact us for more information. Lets get connected and make it happen!


We can utilise the latest WiFi 6 equipment to ensure

you have a fast reliable connection 

With the roll out of fast fibre internet speed and the increasing number of devices using WiFi the time to upgrade to WiFi 6 is now.  

  • Increased Capacity

  • Gigabit Speeds

  • Low latency

  • More channel width

  • Improved performance with multiple connected devices

We can also install WiFi 6 adapters to older equipment 

to allow for WiFi 6 connectivity.

Wifi 6 Wireless internet connectivity network technology by DX Tech
Our Services

Our Services


For all WiFi issues and installations please click below

Network Services

A hard wired network in your home or Business property is often used to allow greater speeds and segregate the internet into various subnetworks

4G 5G Fast 

Our 4G and 5G systems are used to connect to the internet in rural settings where fixed line internet speeds are poor or unavailable

Starlink Broadband

For remote areas where connections to the internet is unavailable or has slow speeds.


Control your alarm system using your smartphone for live alerts

Smart Rural 

Rural homes and business requiring access to the internet for security and monitoring of the wider area.

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